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Candidates & Team

Candidates – Men’s # 100 – Women’s # 108 – updated 10/17/17

Men Parish Women Parish
Ruben Lopez All Souls Claudia Lopez All Souls
Roberto Polanco All Souls Isadora Polanco All Souls
Chris Giardino All Souls Michelle Vazquez All Souls
Joe Giardino All Souls Susann Engel All Souls
Rafael Vazquez All Souls Jenny Mansingh All Souls
Ryan Cook Blessed Trinity Joanne Belmontes All Souls
Daniel Geddings Holy Family Liz Cook Blessed Trinity
Dave Castro Our Lady of Lourdes Emma Luetgert Blessed Trinity
James Perry Our Lady of the Lakes Lois Georgiou Epiphany
Nelson Buxo Our Lady of the Lakes Dee Nichols Epiphany
Jack Toia Prince of Peace Krista Jacovina Epiphany
John McCarthy Prince of Peace Susan Pulliam Epiphany
Jim Peabody Prince of Peace Teresa Grashoff Incarnation
Ed Conklin St Charles Borromeo Ruby Barragan Our Lady of Hope
Fr. Martin Nguyen St James Barbara Mazzone Our Lady of Lourdes
Javier Martinez St James Monica Perry Our Lady of the Lakes
Steven Gertel St James Monica Buxo Our Lady of the Lakes
Ralph Briscoe St James Rose Peabody Prince of Peace
Peter Parenti St Joseph – Orlando Karen Raffaelli Prince of Peace
Jim Kinney St Joseph / St Maximillian Deb Peterson Prince of Peace
Jay Miller St Margaret Mary Merly Andre Sacred Heart
Al Ronelli St Margaret Mary Faye Semino Sacred Heart
Michael Krones St Margaret Mary Mary Carlson Sacred Heart
Billy Pitt St Margaret Mary Margaret Conklin St Charles Borromeo
Jim Wald St Mary’s Laura Martinez St James
Tom Tellson St Mary’s Susan Gertel St James
Chip Phelps St Mary’s Raquel Pitt St Margaret Mary
Marcos Valim St Matthew Drema Tellson St Mary’s
Mike Truax St Vincent de Paul Meg Higham St Mary’s
Mary McGarvey St Mary’s
Filomena Valim St Matthew
Yvette Wallace St Patrick
Retzel O’Brien St Timothy
Sheila Truax St Vincent de Paul
Laura Hart Sts Peter & Paul

Team – Men’s # 100 – Women’s # 108 – updated 10/3/17

Men Parish Women Parish
Bryant Applegate All Souls Debbie McGill Blessed Sacrament
Len Breehl All Souls Lori Bernstein Church Of The Epiphany
Mike Hartwig All Souls Joyce Dobrozensky Church Of The Epiphany
Fr. Gilbert Medina All Souls Lori Frank Holy Spirit
Ben Marciano Blessed Trinity Elizabeth Harris Holy Spirit
Danny Schofield Blessed Trinity Sue Lenck Holy Spirit
Peter Balsam Holy Spirit Sue Moreno Holy Spirit
Tim Frank Holy Spirit Joanne Cavallari Our Lady Of Hope
Deacon Michael Willems Our Lady of Hope Liz Kaehl Our Lady Of Hope
Dennis Lobmeyer Our Lady of Lourdes Cathy King Our Lady Of Hope
Gabriel Adam St. Ann Liz Lilly Our Lady Of Hope
David Sorondo St. Ann Shaina Silliker Our Lady Of Hope
Matt Haftel St. James Cathedral Carrie Rosolino Our Lady Of Hope
Mark Zeitler St. James Cathedral Joan Stewart Our Lady Of Hope
Jerry Frulio St. John the Evangelist Patti Willems Our Lady Of Hope
Chris Brant St. John Vianney Deacon Michael Willems Our Lady Of Hope
Steve Valentine St. John Vianney Roberta Lobmeyer Our Lady of Lourdes
Steve Lincourt St. Margaret Mary Laurie McGonagle Our Lady of Lourdes
Tom Maier St. Margaret Mary Melissa Vandett Our Lady of Lourdes
Justin Stratford St. Margaret Mary Father George Rosario Sacred Heart
Mike Cavalere St. Margaret Mary Kathy Hopkins St Tomothy
Dale Mills St. Margaret Mary Karen Adam St. Ann
Keith Haggerty St. Margaret Mary Leann Sorondo St. Ann
Dan Crowe St. Margaret Mary Ana Crowe St. Margaret Mary
Jeff Soistman St. Margaret Mary Darcey Dinh St. Margaret Mary
Keith Branson St. Margaret Mary DeeDee Haggerty St. Margaret Mary
Paul Miller St. Margaret Mary Stephanie Kovats St. Margaret Mary
Anh Vu Dinh St. Margaret Mary Elizabeth Lanpher St. Margaret Mary
John Lindsey St. Margaret Mary Kristy Pizzarello St. Margaret Mary
Jason Pickering St. Margaret Mary Kerri Stratford St. Margaret Mary
Al Puglisi St. Mary Mike Castrilli St. Matthew
Michael Castrilli St. Matthew Laura Faden St. Patricks
Tony Lott St. Patrick Jennifer Hargroves St. Patricks
Todd Faden St. Patrick Laurie Hargroves St. Patricks
Scott Maffei St. Stephen Donna Evangelista St. Peters
Rich Maffei St. Stephen Kerrie Slafkovsky St. Peters
John Harris St. Theresa Carol Radar St. Peters
Mike Farrington Sts. Peter and Paul Gloria Fry Sts. Peter/Paul
Bob Hurley Sts. Peter and Paul