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Candidates & Team

Candidates – Men’s # 101 – Women’s # 109 – updated 02/06/18

Men Parish Women Parish
Mike Torres Annunciation Jeanette Torres Annunciation
Sabrina Mercado All Souls
Kevin Decker Our Lady of Lourdes Cindy Astarita All Souls
David DeFino Our Lady of Lourdes Dulce Maria Rodriguez All Souls
Ray Rundgren St. Ann Emelia Ospina All Souls
Bill Aippersbach St. Margaret Mary Gabriella Ospina All Souls
Will McCamy St. Margaret Mary Aixa Karan All Souls
Jack Jennings St. Margaret Mary Katie Struckman Our Lady of Lourdes
Steven De La Cruz St. Margaret Mary Anna Cook Our Lady of Lourdes
Drew Byrnes St. Margaret Mary Kathy Rundgren St. Ann
Steve Accurso St. Vincent de Paul Mary Renna St. Ann
Fr. Aldrin Nunes Sacred Heart Sam Manning St. Ann
Rick Studer Sacred Heart Lynne Hornick St. John the Evangelist
George Seney Sacred Heart JoHelen Breen-Skinner St. Margaret Mary
JoJo Gomez St. John Vianney Monica Jennings St. Margaret Mary
Ed Duffy St. Mary Magdalen Deborah Berger St. Margaret Mary
Noaida Benitez St. Margaret Mary
Julie Byrnes St. Margaret Mary
Julie Steingass St. Margaret Mary
Clare Frease St. Margaret Mary
Sharon Truax St. Vincent de Paul
Connie Accurso St. Vincent de Paul
Mary Bodis St. Vincent de Paul


Team – Men’s # 101 – Women’s # 109 – updated 02/06/18

Men Parish Women Parish
Diego Ospina All Souls Jenny Mansingh All Souls
Fr. Gilbert Medina All Souls Julie Korfage Annunciation
Mike Olka Holy Spirit Elsa Rojas Blessed Sacrament
Sam Lenck Holy Spirit Marianne Geddings Blessed Trinity
Dow Woodward Our Lady of Hope Kathy Lacorte Blessed Trinity
Greg Lilly Our Lady of Hope Sue Moreno Holy Spirit
Mike Rosolino Our Lady of Hope Elizabeth Harris Holy Spirit
Rick Cavallari Our Lady of Hope Melissa Vandett Our Lady of Lourdes
Al Riendeau Our Lady of Lourdes Sharon Maier Our Lady Star of the Sea
Dennis Lobmeyer Our Lady of Lourdes Karen Adam St. Ann
Chip Brashear Our Lady of Lourdes Leann Sorondo St. Ann
David Castro Our Lady of Lourdes Liz Zeitler St. James
Fr. Karl Bergin Our Lady of Lourdes Terri Tayge St. John the Evangelist
Rick Beauton Our Lady of Lourdes Tom Tayge St. John the Evangelist
Rory Dittmer Our Lady of Lourdes Fr. Anthony Aarons St. Margaret Mary/Bishop Moore
Tom Scott Our Lady of Lourdes Carol Wittman St. Margaret Mary
Tyrone Tice Our Savior Maureen Branham St. Margaret Mary
Gregg “Martino” Martin Our Savior Liz Furia St. Margaret Mary
Lynn Hinson St. James Andrea Cavalere St. Margaret Mary
Tristan Sanders St. James Julianne Dwyer St. Margaret Mary
Mark Polczynski St. John the Evangelist Vera Flores St. Margaret Mary
Pedro Carmona St. John the Evangelist Martha Jennings St. Margaret Mary
Ron Brlansky St. Joseph Elizabeth Lanpher St. Margaret Mary
Brian Gallagher St. Margaret Mary Ester Lincourt St. Margaret Mary
David Wittman St. Margaret Mary Allie Branham St. Margaret Mary
Greg Hart St. Margaret Mary Cindy McKay St. Margaret Mary
Jay Branham St. Margaret Mary Karen Miller St. Margaret Mary
Jeff Soistman St. Margaret Mary Betsy Murphy St. Margaret Mary
Paul Stewart St. Margaret Mary Milena Dumas St. Margaret Mary
Chip Phelps St. Mary’s Terry Schmidt St. Margaret Mary
Ron Robillard St. Mary’s Gloria Spanjers St. Matthews
Jim Brendemuehl St. Matthew Tonya Deleon St. Matthews
Marcos Valim St. Matthew Teri Toledo St. Peter’s
Javier Bonilla St. Patrick Mary Vasquez St. Peter’s
Mike¬†Scaringella St. Patrick Jennifer Hargroves St. Patrick’s
Ray Cornelius St. Peter Heidi Lott St. Patrick’s
RJ Moyer Holy Name of Jesus Evelyn Bean St. Stephen’s
Jody Calabro St. Stephen’s
Audrey Hoyas St. Stephen’s
Beth Ann Ortiz St. Stephen’s